20+ Spontaneous Things to Do With Your Boyfriend


Dates don’t always have to be well planned and elaborate. Sometimes you just want to have fun with your boyfriend without making lengthy plans or spending a fortune. To help with this, here are some spontaneous things to do with your boyfriend.

spontaneous things to do with your boyfriend

Go For A Ride Through Town

You can just nudge your boyfriend to take you on a ride through town on a bicycle. This requires no prior planning, just a bike! Sightseeing while riding through town especially with no destination in mind can be so much fun.

Go On A Hike

There’s so much to see outside and hiking lets you explore the beauty of nature. If there isn’t much to do with your boyfriend, drag him out on a hike and you will be amazed at how much fun the experience will be. If there’s a national park nearby, find your way there and explore the trails. Just ensure you pack some food and some water.

Play Video Games

If your boyfriend is a lover of video games, you can spend some time playing video games with him. Switch on his game console if you are at his place, pick up a game controller for yourself, then hand him another. He will surely be excited to play against you.

Visit A New Location

If you have the day to spend together, a trip to a new location neither of you has been to before would be nice. It could be a new restaurant in town or just some fun place you heard about from others. You could even head out to another town neither of you has been to previously.


You can always throw a party for you and your boyfriend. Who doesn’t love parties? More so when it’s just you and your significant other. Parties can be so much fun. So put on some loud music, get a few drinks and party hard with your boyfriend.

Go For Fishing

How about catching some fish, sounds fun right? Fishing allows you to spend some quiet time with your boyfriend, away from the distractions. Rent a boat, grab some fishing equipment and set out. If you don’t know how to fish, this presents you with an opportunity to learn from your boyfriend. Water-based activities are usually fun so you can rest assured it will be a fun-filled day going out to fish with your boyfriend.

Hit The Gym

Keeping fit is healthy. A trip to the gym with your boyfriend allows you both to spend some time together while engaging in healthy activities. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you could even convince your boyfriend to become a regular at the gym too.

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Hit The Beach

Head out to a nearby beach with your boyfriend and have a fun-filled day. Trips to the beach are usually fun. There are lots of activities to engage in. You also get to enjoy the scenery while watching other beachgoers catch fun as well.

Pick Apples

Still looking for a spontaneous thing to do with your boyfriend? Try apple picking. Climbing trees and plucking fresh apples can be quite fun. You can even capture a few Instagram worthy photos of you and your boyfriend plucking fresh apples.

Binge-Watch Some TV Shows/ Movie Marathon

Another spontaneous thing to do with your boyfriend is to binge-watch your favorite TV shows or watch several movies together at a go. If you are both not keen for some outdoor fun, who says you can enjoy yourselves indoor? Put on your DVD player and start watching that stack of DVDs you’ve been piling up for a while or stream some shows online.

Have Dinner At The Backyard

This is quite spontaneous and requires no prior planning. Have you and your boyfriend eat dinner at the backyard for a change. Instead of the regular eating at the table, set up dinner outside in the backyard and have some fun time eating under the stars with your boyfriend. Romantic dinners don’t always have to be in low-lighted restaurants. The experience will be quite refreshing for both of you.

Visit The Zoo

A lot of people may feel visiting the zoo sounds childish in some way but it may be the perfect adventure for you and your boyfriend. Visiting the zoo with your boyfriend is never a bad idea. You get to see animals that you don’t get to see daily while also enjoying the change in environment for a few hours.

Embark On A Trip To A Random Place

How about embarking on a trip to a random place with your boyfriend? Spontaneous and fun right? That’s exactly what this is all about. Pick a map or an atlas. Close your eyes and mark a random location on the map. Hop in the car and drive down to that location with your boyfriend. Your trip may likely take you through places you’ve never seen nor heard of previously which is all good. It makes the trip more memorable.

Visit The Museum

Museums offer an opportunity to learn and see new things. A trip to the museum is fun and educative at the same time. What makes it more interesting is that your boyfriend will be right by your side all through. You will also be supporting your community while expanding your horizons.

Go For A Photoshoot

If you both have the day off and plan to spend it together, a photoshoot can be a fun way to pass time. You can try a themed shoot to make things more interesting. If you want to be adventurous, an antique photoshoot will leave you and your boyfriend with some long-lasting memories. You will find out in the long run that it is these little memories the both of you created that matters most.

Fun Things To Do With Your Boyfriend At Home

When it comes to fun things to do with your boyfriend at home, there are a lot of fun things to do. The good thing about fun activities you can do at home is that most times, they are free. These are some of the ideas to pick from when you want to spice up your time at home with your boyfriend

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Watch Netflix Together

Netflix has a collection of hundreds if not thousands of interesting movies and series. You can watch your favorite TV show with your boyfriend at home while cuddling on the couch and eating popcorn.

Play the Never Ever Have I Game

One good thing about this game is that, you can discover something new about your boyfriend. This post outlines over 100 never ever have I game questions for couples.

Play a Board Game

There are tens of fun board and card games you can play with your boyfriend at home. Board games are one sure way to kill boredom at home and have fun with your boyfriend. Some board games can build you up intellectually.

Cook Together

I have much fun anytime I get to cook with my boyfriend. Fortunately, he (my boyfriend) enjoys it too. The both of you can spend the next couple of hours preparing any of your favorite meals. You can also try out a new recipe.

Talk About The Future

You can have fun and plan for the future at same time. Unless you are just having a fling with your boyfriend, the both of you should be talking about your future together. The both of you can spend the time at home to talk about the future. Not just that, you guys can also set couple’s goals to achieve in the nearest future.

Play Truth or Dare

You can also have fun with your boyfriend by playing the truth or dare game.

Take A Cold Shower Together

The both of you can take a cold shower together and rub each other down.

spontaneous things to do with your boyfriend

Things To Do With Your Boyfriend In Bed

Give Each Other A Massage

The both of you can take turns to massage each other in bed. There are a lot of massage spice oils that comes in handy to make the session very romantic.


Another thing you can do with your boyfriend in bed is to cuddle. If you have a boyfriend like mine that can’t cuddle, then that is unfortunate. The both of you can cuddle and share love stories.

Make Love

This is more like the grand finale of things you can do in bed. With massage and cuddle, the turn for love making is naturally set. Ensure that you spend quality time with foreplay. It makes the real deal more intense and helps the both of you bond better.


There are so many spontaneous things you can do with your boyfriend and some of them have been listed here. Dates don’t always have to be elaborate. The activities listed here require little to no planning and can be carried out almost instantly. So the next time you need some quick fun with your boyfriend, try out one of the activities listed in this article.