10 Fabulous Things Guys Notice In The First 6 Seconds After They Meet You

Things Guys Notice In The First 6 Seconds

It is general knowledge that men are moved by what they see. For a man to be interested in dating you, he has to be impressed by your physical features first. The truth is that it takes any more not more than 6 seconds to check out these physical features in a woman. If he doesn’t have the best impression of you within this 6 seconds, he may lose interest.

The aim of this post is not to get you obsessed with what men want and make you live your life around it. You can be you and still impress the right man. This post outlines some things guys notice in the first 6 seconds after they meet you. Don’t be surprised when you see some things you may consider vain on the list. The irony is that it is those vain things that some guys notice first.

Things Guys Notice In The First 6 Seconds

The Way You Walk

Chances are that you will have to walk up to the guy to meet him. If that is the case, then the first thing the guy will notice is the way you walk. The way you walk says a lot about your person and personality. Some women just walk for the sake of walking. They don’t pay any attention to the way they walk. As a lady, you have to be conscious of the way you walk. How should a lady walk? A lady should walk with calculated steps, shoulders high, tummy tucked and a little sway to the hips. Don’t drag your feet on the ground while walking. It is a total turnoff for most people.

Your Smile

Things Guys Notice In The First 6 Seconds

When you are near a guy, the first thing he gets to notice is your smile. Your smile passes on the message that you are a friendly and approachable person. No guy will have the courage to walk up to a lady who has been wearing a mean face all night. Not just your smile, the guy will check out your dentition. Don’t fake the smile because a guy will always know when a smile isn’t genuine. Let the smile come naturally to you.

Knowing that you may be meeting a guy you like out there especially if you are single and searching, common sense should tell you that you need to do some dental cleaning before leaving your house. Brush your teeth and also floss if there is a need to. You can pop in a minty gum for fresh breathe. Always ensure that your dental hygiene is top-notch at all times because you can’t tell who will bump into.

Your Facial Features

The next thing guys notice in the first 6 seconds is your facial features. That includes your facial structure, your cheek, and chin. Most times, your facial structure comes naturally and you can do little or nothing about it. Just be proud of what Mother Nature gave you and always wear the smile to light up your facial features.

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Your Body Carriage

Guys also get to notice the way you carry your body. The way you carry yourself says a lot about your self-confidence. And your self-confidence gets to affect every other aspect of your life. More than a few guys I know have acknowledged the fact that they approached their present girlfriends because of her body carriage. Nobody wants to be with someone with low self-esteem. At least people with purpose and a healthy dose of confidence don’t. So work on your body carriage and notice how more men will approach you.

Your Hair

Things Guys Notice In The First 6 Seconds
your hair

Even the spiritual book (bible) mentioned that a woman’s hair is her crown. What that means is that your hair is an important feature in your body. Also, some men get to notice your hair even before your smile. Wearing an unkempt hair says a lot about you as a person. It gives off the vibes that you are a dirty person and trust me that is not the message you want to pass along to any serious man.

It is quite expensive to maintain healthy natural hair but it is an investment that will pay off. Most men love women with long hair. You can also wear short hair and look stylish while at it. There are a lot of cool hairstyles for women with short hair. The good thing is that every little effort you into maintaining a healthy and shiny hair will not go unnoticed.

Your Dress Sense

Your dress sense includes the way you dress and how you combine your colors. Most men are attracted to women with good dress sense. The good thing about having a good dress sense is that you don’t necessarily have to wear designer wears for you have a good dress sense. You can combine your ‘not so expensive clothes’ and still look like a million bucks. For some people, a good fashion style comes naturally while for others it requires some getting used to.

If you need to work on your dress style, there are lots of fashion and lifestyle blogs to get you up to date. Also, your sense of color combination matters a lot. If you have a good dress style but fail to combine your colors well, it can be a turn off too. The general rule when it comes to color combination is that you can’t wear more than one shouty color at a time. You will fun wearing a pink crop top and a pepperpot red skirt.

Your Shoes

The truth is that guys also get to check out your shoes. Remember that your shoe is a fashion accessory and says a lot about your fashion sense too. It is better to spend more on one good shoe than less on several fake shoes. First, the good shoe will create an impression that you are a person that values quality. Also, you will get to save money because that single quality shoe will last longer than several low-quality ones.

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Your Fragrance

Do you know that your fragrance is like your signature? Most guys will notice your good fragrance easily and will likely approach you. One day, I was having lunch with an old classmate and this girl walked by wearing a very nice fragrance. My friend had to leave our conversation to go strike up one with the girl just. To him, he is a sucker for a good scent. Most guys are like that too. Invest in a good fragrance today. It must not necessarily be a designer perfume. Thankfully, sites like Scentbird gives you access to a nice collection of fragrances for just $14 buck a month.

Your Body Type

Almost every guy out there has a body time they are attracted to in a female. Some guys are attracted to slim fit ladies. While others prefer them curvy, with a little more flesh. It takes a guy 6 seconds or more of meeting you to notice if you have the body type he is attracted to.

Your Eyes

Finally, your eyes. When a guy looks into your eyes, he either sees warmth or cold eyes. You get to pass along a lot of messages with your eyes. So, most guys get to notice your eyes and the color of your eyes within the first few seconds of meeting you.

Vain Things Guys Notice Instantly When They Meet You

We’ve talked about the important things guys get to notice when they meet you. What about the vain things. You will be untruthful to yourself if you fail to acknowledge that most guys can be vain. This comes with the tag that guys are moved by what they see.

Your Boobs

Most guys get to check out your boobs when they first meet you. They might not make it obvious but it is what it is. In fact, for a guy that only wants to sleep with you, your boobs will be the major attract for the guy to approach you. Little wonder women who crave attention of guys for sex get to expose their boobs.

Your Legs

To most guys, they get to score a point in the alpha pack when they score a chic with hot legs. Ever wondered why the chic with the hot legs get all the attention. Having hot legs is one of the vain things some dudes crave in a female.

Your Ass

Finally, you ass, especially if your ass fleshy and round. It’s just a male thing to check out a lady’s ass no matter how disrespectful you think it is.


This post has outlined some vital things you get to see. Thankfully, most of the things on the list and things you can work on to perfect. For instance, you can learn and work on your dress sense.