Things To Do After Buying A New Car

For starters, you’ve made a choice of a car, you’ve done the test drive and papers works and you are really excited on the prospect of owning a new car. Possibly your dream car. There are other things you have to do subsequently after buying a new car. It is really important to do there things to avoid legal problems in your city or state. This post outlines some of the things to do after buying a new car.

Things To Do After Buying A New Car

1. Collect Important Documents From Dealer:

There are some documents that were prepared in the course buying the car from a dealer. Some of these docs includes’ insurance certificate for the car, receipt for payment, paperwork for installment paid and other vital documents. Ensure you collect these from the dealer before driving out. You will need these documents for subsequent registrations.

2. Read Owner’s Manual:

Most people enter the car and drive off once they collect the paperwork for the car. They tend to forget about the owner’s manual. Every car comes with an owner’s manual and there is a purpose for including this manual in every vehicle. The manual is there to assist owner on how to operate vehicle. Ensure you take out time read through the owner’s manual. You will save yourself a  lot of stress by doing so.

3.  Buy Insurance:

Another important thing to do buy insurance to cover your new car. It is illegal to drive without proper insurance cover. There are different types of car insurance available for car owners. Each type of car insurance has its benefits, extent of cover and premium. Ensure you understand the terms, conditions and benefits of each type of car insurance before you make a choice.

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4. Car Registration

It is very important to get a car registration license for your new car before you start driving. Most authorized car dealers help you with a temporary registration certificate. This does not come free of course. You have to pay the dealer some money to do this for you. You can use the temporary registration for 30 days. Within the said 30 days, you are expected to apply for a permanent car registration. The registration is done at the Department of Motor Vehicles DMV. The cost of registration usually starts from a couple of hundred dollars and varies from state. You have to make inquiries to know the cost effect of car registration in your state. When you go for a permanent registration, they will ask for some documents like insurance, proof of address, that is your utility bill, a government issued ID Card like your driver’s license and vehicle inspection result. Ensure you have all these documents ready before approaching the Department of Motor Vehicle for car registration. After the registration, you will be issued car plates.

5. Change Oil

This may not be essential but it helps to do this. It is advisable to change the oil after your first 500 miles. After that, you can go back to changing after 10000 miles or so.

These are very important things you should get done after you buy your nee car.