Switching From Run Flats To Regular Tires

Tires the tough round rubbers that a car wheel. They support the weight of your car and allow it to move, maintain and change directions. They are one of the most-used components of your vehicle and are susceptible to wearing and tearing. Hence, they need to be changed either because they are worn, punctured, torn … Read more

What Does Zr Mean On Tires?

Tires in their sizes usually have letters on them, you might have come across “P” or “LT” letters. These letters sometimes show up at the beginning of the size, and the “R” letter right before the wheel size. For instance you come across P245/40R18 or LT315/70R17. But what could it possibly mean when the tire … Read more

R Vs Zr Tires

This article will explore the meaning and different functions of R and ZR tires. Understanding the various capabilities of both tires helps you in picking the suitable one for your car. In recent times, 98% of cars on the road today have radial-ply tires. Radial, which is “R” in the tire size often refers to … Read more