Top 10 Pros and Cons of Online Dating

One of the ways of meeting person to start a relationship is via online dating. Online dating is one of the in things in today’s digital world. Almost half of American’s adult population has engaged in online dating at one time in their lives. Thousands of people around the world met their significant other through an online dating platform. You too can try out the idea of digital dating. You never can tell if your significant other is waiting on the other side. Before you get carried away by the thought of meeting the love of your life via online dating, you need to get acquainted with the Advantages and dangers of online dating

Top 10 Pros and Cons of Online Dating:

Top 5 Cons of Online Dating

Let’s talk about the scary aspect of online dating first.

1. Scam:

Dating online can expose you to internet scam. There have been instances of scammers pose as internet lovers to scam unsuspecting victims. That does not mean that every internet love interest is scammers. But you need to understand that as long as you engage in online in online dating, you can be a victim of scam. Thankfully, it is quiet easier these days to differentiate the scammers from real dudes.

2. Fantasy:

When you are dating someone via an online platform, you create this fantasy about the person. This is because most times, your online love interest focuses more on his good sides. You never get to see or know the person’s faults. Thus, you build this image of a perfect fantasy about the person. Many a times, when you finally get to meet the person, your world come crashing down, because you get to see through the lies and imperfections then. I have fallen a victim of this a couple of times. I had built this complete perfect mental picture about a guy I met online. When I finally got to meet the person in question, I discovered a lot of flaws and lies.

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3. Expensive:

There are lots of free to use social media platforms for online dating. But for some dedicated dating websites, you are required to pay a monthly fee. You also exhaust internet data for video calls and online chats when you are dating online.  This makes it quiet expensive than the typical offline dating. Trust me, if you meet the one online, you won’t mind these expenses.

4. Life Risk:

 Another risk you expose yourself to when you engage in online dating is risk to your life. There have been instances where people travelled to meet their love interest, online for them to get kidnapped or kill. This rarely happens, but you need to know that it is one of the dangers you stand to face with online dating.

5. Meeting The Wrong Persons:

You may end up meeting the wrong persons. A lot of people from different backgrounds and beliefs come online to date. This makes it difficult for you to sieve through to get what you are searching for. Thus, you are most likely going to end up with wrong persons.

                  5 Pros of Online Dating

1. Meeting Your Significant Other

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of people met their partners and spouses via online dating platforms. You also stand a chance of meeting your life partner by dating online.

2. Very Easy

There is little or no stress in online dating. You don’t need to plan dinners. There is no need to go half way across town daily to meet your partner. With online dating, you sit in the comfort of your home and have a good time with your online love via the internet.  

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3. Time to get acquainted

For most offline dating, sex gets in the way of getting to know your partner better. This is not same with online dating. When you are dating someone online, you have enough time to get to know the person better before physical meeting and sex gets into the way.

4. World of opportunities

Online dating gives you the opportunity to meet diverse persons from different places, cultures and race. If you have a fantasy about dating a person from a particular country, you simply need to register in a dating site in the country. This option is easier and less stressful than traveling to the country.

5. Good For Shy Persons

If you are the shy and introvert type, online dating gives you an opportunity to meet new people. You only get to meet the person after you get to know the person well. I had a friend who was so shy and uncomfortable with meeting new people. He couldn’t even ask a girl out on a date. I recommended online dating for him and coached him on what to expect. He is currently going steady now with a love interest he met online.

There are many other pros and cons of dating online, these ten sums up the pros and cons to expect when you decide to engage in online dating.