True Friendship Quotes

The importance of true friendship cannot be overemphasized. To understand how friends and good friends can affect your life for good or worst, this post has outlined some true friendship quotes for you.

True Friendship Quotes

True friendship is very important for your success in life because the value of your success is reflected in the success of five persons you call your true friends.

Strive every moment to build a true friendship with people who will motivate you to become a better version of yourself.

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Your friends can either make or mare you. Choose wisely when making friends.

Whether you believe it or not, your friends can serve as your lather to the life you want or the broken bridge to keep you on the other side of success.

I have come to realize over the years that the worth of true friends is more than gold. So I value people I call true friends.

To build true friendship, you have to invest in it. You invest time. You invest love because the more you give, the more you get.

Some of the true breaks I got in life were as a result of my true friends. I have come to value them all.

You’ve been a true friend all these years, we’ve been true thick and thin. Thank you for having my back as a friend.

If there is one person I can count on to be there for me, it is you. You mean more than a thousand persons to me.

I come to realize that my friendship with you is worth more than gold. I am always thankful for the memories we get to make.

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A true friend will have my back even when others leave. You are a true friend indeed.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. You are a true friend.

When others leave as a result of your inabilities, a true friend looks past those inabilities and believes in your abilities. You’ve done the same for me. I’ve come to cherish you as a true friend. Thanks for being a friend to me.

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I doubt if I could have come this far without your friendship. You’ve been a solid rock to me. Thanks a bunch, buddy.

If there is one person I can ever count on when I have a need, it’s you. You are more than a brother to me. I promise to continue doing the same for you.

We ride, we die, we rise, we conquer, we laugh, we remain friends.

I can’t give out our friendship for a thousand pieces of gold because our friendship is worth more than that to me. You are a true friend.

When I remember that someone like you believes in me to pull through, that alone is all the motivation I need to come through any circumstance I face. Thank you for believing in me.

True friendship is hard to get these days. I won’t give up our friendship for anything at all. Thanks for being a friend.

Loyalty is a very rare commodity in our world today. But you continue to remain loyal to me all through these years. Thank you for being my friend.

Caring Friends Quotes

Of all the friends I have, you are the one that cares about my well being. Thank you very much for being a caring friend.

Through it all, you still chose to remain a caring friend to me even when you had the option to leave. I promise to remain that friend you can count on.

This is my scoreboard for. Kind – 100%. Loyal – 100%. Companion – 100%. Caring – 100%. You are such a deal friend.

I wake up every morning with a smile on my face because I got a caring friend in you who believes in me and that alone makes me feel like a conqueror.

The events of these past days have shown me that you are a caring friend. Thank you for being there for me.

In it all, you never went behind my back to badmouth me. You remained loyal to me. I owe you a lot. You remain my best friend.

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Friends That Care Quotes

I have tons of friends, but none of them compare with you when it comes to being a caring friend. Thank you for being you.

I’m forever grateful to the universe for giving me friends that care.

Recently, I learned the importance of keeping a gratitude journal. Not surprisingly, one thing I get to be thankful for is you. You’ve been a true and caring friend to me.

Your kind heart, your caring personality, you warn smiles, your loyalty, all these are things that make me cherish you as a friend.

Thank you for being part of the sweet memories of my childhood.

There are friends that stick closer than family. I’ve come to know that you are one of them to me.

From this day forth, I promise to match your kindness with much kindness, you loyalty with firm loyalty, your trust with better trust and your friendship with a life long friendship. Thanks for being a friend buddy.

I call you buddy because you are one person I know I can always count on. Our friendship means a lot to me.

Supporting a Friend Quotes

Friends are meant to support each other through thick and thin. I promise to mean remain a supportive friend to you.

Supportive friends are hard to find these days, you remain one to me and I promise to remain the same to you.

You gave me all the support I need during those trying times. Thank you for being there for me. I do appreciate.

Your friendship with you has made me blossom into the person I’ve become today. I will forever cherish and build up our friendship.

One thing you’ve always done for me as a true friend is to tell me the truth as it is. It has helped me to become a better version of me. Thank you so much for being a true friendship.

Friendship Phrases

We started this journey a long while ago. We’ve come through thick and thin. We’ve conquered a lot and reached new heights. Our bond keeps growing by the day. We are friends for life buddy.