Very Short Inspirational Quotes

Motivation is something you have to work on regularly. The motivation you got yesterday or last week may not be able to keep you going today and tomorrow. One easy way to get motivated is to read very short inspirational quotes. This post contains many inspirational quotes to keep you motivated and go on to achieve better things

Very Short Inspirational Quotes

All you need to get to the next level of your life is on the inside. Look inside and you will find the strength to proceed.

Most changes you will make in your life will start with a decision. Until you decide that you’ve had enough of situation, you won’t do anything about it.

Have this in mind, nothing will change unless you take action to make it change.

The law of attraction plays a small role in your success but the rest comes from plain hard work.

You can’t do what you can’t dream of. Start today to dream. It’s is free.

Your dreams and goals should be so big that it will get you scared. Because it’s only then that you will actually be performing on the level you are meant to perform.

One thing you should always do once you wake up each day is to create a to-do list. You will get more done with it.

Each day is yours to create whatever you want from it. Make the most of it.

No goal is too much to achieve. All you need is more time and persistence.

Don’t wait to figure it all out before you start. Get started first. You will figure the rest out as you go.

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Do you aspire to change your world and the rest of the world? Start by having faith in yourself.

As you go through life trying to achieve your goals don’t forget to do you. Let your hair down once in a while and enjoy the free gifts of the universe.

Try to figure out your WHY on time because it will keep you going when you feel you can’t continue.

Learn to keep your plans to yourself. Only allow your results to speak for you.

Any success you achieve through a short cut will also go via a shortcut.

Success is a journey or a process. Learn to enjoy the process because you will appreciate your success more when you do.

Don’t forget the little successes you achieve along the way because the bigger success is simply a collection of these smaller successes.

You owe it to yourself and your world to be successful. This should be a motivation for you to work hard.

Nobody owes you anything. Nobody owes you money, times, care, or anything. Rather you owe yourself all these.

Always remember whenever you are going through bad times that you are stronger than you ever think you are.

Your bad times are only a very small chapter of your life. Hold on and wait for the next chapter.

It’s okay to feel down. It’s ok to feel sad. It’s ok to encounter issues and challenges. What matters is that you look inside and find the strength to continue.

Every limit you have ever encountered are placed in your mind.

Be conscious of your self-talk. Your success to a large extent depends on it.

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Courage is your currency to achieve the impossible and reach every peak you ever dream of.

When you are skeptic of starting something, just tell yourself, if I don’t start it, nobody else will do it for me.

Being an adult means being responsible.

You will achieve little or nothing by a mere wish. The good old hard work still works.

Learn your lessons from yesterday, enjoy today and aspire for a better tomorrow.

Talent is not enough to get there. You need self-discipline and hard work.

Fear will always be there. Learn to look beyond your fears and keep going. All your aspirations are on the other side of your fears.

When you wake up in the morning, always tell yourself that you can do it.

Positive self-talk works. Make it a constant thing in your life.

Funny Short Inspirational Quotes

When you think your situation is so bad, think of what a toothbrush and toilet towel go through.

Don’t call me lazy, I am trying to converse my energy.

Since two wrongs cannot make a right, I will follow it up with a third wrong.

Don’t just makeup to look good on the outside, eat your makeup so you can look good on the inside and outside too.

Are you lonely and want your friends to check up on you regularly, collect some money from them and forget to pay back.

Don’t feel bad about your extra weight because it makes if hard for you to be kidnapped.

When everything is going wrong, go to the right. It may be the solution you need.