What Attracts A Woman To A Man At First Sight: 10 Things Women Find Attractive

What Attracts a woman to a man At First Sight

Just like a man can be attracted to a woman, at first sight, a woman can be attracted to a man at first sight. Most of the male folks have allowed the women are moved by what they hear saying not to put in the effort to look attractive. The truth remains that, if a woman is not attracted by what she sees in you within the first 30 seconds of meeting you, the chances of dating you become slim.

That is for real women anyway not those that are after the money. That being said, to make yourself attractive to a woman, you need to understand what attracts a woman to a man at first sight. It is after you understand these things that you can try to make yourself attracted to any woman.

What Attracts a woman to a man At First Sight

Several things attract a woman to a man at first sight. But these are some of the things that top the list.

Your Smile

I took a small survey amongst my friends. I asked them of the first thing that attracted them to their current boyfriends. Out of 10 ladies I asked, seven of them replied that they were attracted to his smile first. There you have it. Your smile is the first thing a woman gets to notice about you. Most guys think it’s an alpha thing to look all serious and manly when they meet a lady.

The truth is that you will end up having the opposite effect on her. You end of scaring the lady away because no lady wants to be with a mean guy. Instead of that, why don’t you wear that cute smile you know you have and watch her fall for you? Remember to put in effort in your dental hygiene before going to meet her. Brush, floss and rinse. Ensure your mouth is clean and minty. A mint gum will help with the minty breathe.

A Kept Hair Matters A lot

Almost all the time, the second thing a woman gets to notice about you is your hair. When you go to meet a lady with unkempt hair for the first time, you will give the wrong impression. The impression you will give is ‘hey, I am a dirty guy and I don’t care how I look’. You can as well carry a placard with you if that is the message you want to pass along. At least, you will pass on your message faster.

No jokes, ensure your hair is all neat and kept before you go meet that lady. Get a haircut if you need one. Brush or comb your hair neatly. You can also use hair cream to make your hair gloss and shine.

How Clean You Look

what attracts a woman to a man at first sight

The next thing a woman finds attractive in a man, at first sight, is cleanliness. That means how clean your clothes look. Without being told, you should know that you should wear a neat and well straighten clothe when going to meet that lady for the first time. Remember that that is your first and only opportunity to impress her. Thus, you have to make the most of it. You don’t necessarily wear a designer’s wear to impress her. Just appear neat with what you have.

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Your Dress Sense

Besides cleanliness, your dress sense matters to a woman too. Especially if you are trying to impress her for the first time. Your dress sense here has to do with how well your clothes sit on your body frame and also how good you are with color combinations. When it comes to how well your clothes sit on your body, your clothes have to be slim fit but not too tight. Also, your pants shouldn’t ever have to touch the ground for any reason. Ankle length is the recommended length for your pants.

When it comes to color combination, that alone is an art on its own. But the general rule is to wear dark colors below and brighter colors on top. Better still, you stick to neutral colors. Finally, you can never go wrong with black pants.

Your Fragrance

Your fragrance is another thing that will make a woman attracted to you at first sight. If you have a good dress sense and smell bad, you will end up turning her off. You don’t necessarily have to wear a designer’s fragrance to impress her. Wear your natural clean smell and a touch of good cologne and you are good to go.

Your Height

You hear most ladies say they prefer to date a tall guy. Not all girls anyways. This shows that height matters for most ladies. You will easily get a girl attracted to you if your height is above average. That doesn’t mean that you are doomed if you have an average or below average height. If your height is average or below that, you can make up with other traits like your smile and your dress sense.

Your Level Of Fitness

Ladies are easily attracted to muscular guys. It is one of the vain things they look out for in a guy. So you will do well to commence a hardcore fitness routine to stay in shape. You can also make up for this with a good sense of humor, a good dress sense and your body posture.

The way You Walk

You can impress a lady just by the way you walk. That includes the way you carry yourself when you walk. Always keep your shoulders straight, suck in your tummy and lift your legs slightly above the ground when you walk. Don’t drag your feet on the ground when you walk. It is a total turn off to most ladies. You can also add a swag to your shoulder movement to impress the alpha male pose.

Attractive Male Characteristics

These are some of the character traits a woman finds attractive in a man. Some of them come naturally to some people. While for others, you have to work to improve on them. With these character traits, you can easily impress and have any woman you want.

Your Confidence

what attracts a woman to a man at first sight

Most women are attracted to a man with high self-confidence. I’m yet to come across a woman that prefers to date or be with a man with low self-confidence. Your self-confidence is just a totality of how you see or perceive yourself. Your self-esteem has a way of reflecting and affecting other aspects of your life. Whether you know it or not, most people, especially ladies know when you have confidence issues.

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Work on your confidence and watch ladies get attracted to you. Note that there is a difference between having high self-confidence or esteem and being corky. One fast way to build your self-esteem is through affirmations. Always remind yourself that you are the best version of you.

Your Physical Appearance

This is not a character trait, but it is one important thing a woman looks out for in a man. Get your physical appearance right and you will have her falling all over you. Some tips on how to improve your physical appearance and sense of dressing have been discussed earlier.

How You Treat Her

Another attractive male characteristics a woman looks out for is how you treat her. You don’t expect a woman to find you attractive if you treat her like trash. Treat her well and you will see her stay with you for a very long time. You don’t have to move mountains to achieve it. Most women are impressed by those little things you do for them. For instance, opening the door for her. Helping out at home and taking her out for dinner when she is too tired to cook.

How You Treat People Around

A woman also looks out for how you trait people around you. This is because, if you treat people around you like trash, it is only a matter of time before you do same to her. Thus, how you treat the bartender, the waiter and other people you serving you matter a lot.

Your Sense of Humor

You don’t have to have Kevin Hart’s sense of humor to impress her. Laugh at her jokes and throw in yours occasionally and you are good to go.

Your Honesty

Human beings generally dislike dishonesty especially women. If you are dishonest in any way, you don’t expect her to fall over heels for you. One thing about dishonesty is that you might not be able to redeem your sense of integrity. So it’s better not to be dishonest at all. Always come clean no matter how bad you think it is. Oh, cheating falls into the class of dishonesty too. Just a little reminder.

Your Ability To Responsibility

Finally, your ability to take responsibility matters a lot to her too. Do you have a clear goal and vision for your life or are you still blaming your parents and boss of how bad your life turned out? Do you have a job? What are your career goals? All these will impress a real woman more than your physical appearance too.


So far, a list of what attracts a woman to a man, at first sight, has been discussed in details. Also, some attractive male characteristics that will get a woman attracted to a man has been listed. Hopefully, with these traits, you should be able to impress her at first sight.