What To Ask When Buying A Used Car

When you decide to buy a car, one of the things you have to figure out is whether it’s going to be a new car or a used car. For a new car, the process is a little less complicated. This is because the car is coming straight from the manufacturer’s factory and comes with a warranty. But for a used car, you have to be a little bit cautious before you seal the deal. There are some details you need to find out from the seller or dealer before you sign the dotted lines. Many people out of excitement or an oversight skip this essential aspect of buying a used car. Most times, the dealer or seller doesn’t release this vital information voluntary. Its left for you, the buyer, to ask these important question. These questions help you know the actual state of the vehicle.

What To Ask When Buying A Car

Question 1: Maintenance Procedure:

Obviously, you don’t want to buy a car that hasn’t been maintained properly. That will be more or less buying a liability. You need to ask the seller or dealer the maintenance history of the car. How was maintained? Was the car maintained at an independent mechanic shop or a dealership? These questions will help you know the actual state of the car maintenance wise.

Question 2: Accident History

As a buyer, you need to know if the car has been involved in an accident. Most dealers won’t voluntarily release information on the accident history of a car. It is left for you to ask. Most times, you can’t tell from the outlook because most cars with accident history undergo bodywork by experts.

Question 3: Possible Faults:

This is another vital question you need to ask a dealer or seller. You need to know of all possible faults the vehicle has both minor and major faults. The seller should be able to point all faults you need to take care of. This will help you determine whether you still want to go on with the dealer of back out. It will also affect the price you get to pay for the vehicle. For instance, you will obviously pay less or get a major discount for a vehicle with a major fault. Also, you have to ask for parts that need to be changed.

Question 4: Reason for Selling

This is not an essential question but there is no harm in asking. This is especially true when you are buying straight from the seller. You need to know the reason why the seller wants to sell the car. It could be that the car has a major fault.

Question 5: Car Inspection Procedure

There should be an option for a car inspection before sealing the deal. You have to ask to know the deals and procedure for car inspection from the seller or dealer.

Question 6: History of Ownership of The Vehicle.

If the car has changed hands a couple of times, it is wise to ask for the history of ownership from the seller or dealer. A genuine seller should be able to provide this information for you.

Question 7: Extra Cost

You have to know if there are extra costs you have to pay besides the main cost of buying the car. Some used car transactions attract extra costs like documentary fees. You don’t want to be caught unawareness with other expenses after you’ve signed the deal.

Question 8: Title of Ownership

Finally, you have to ask for a clear title of ownership. Every genuine seller should be able to provide you with this vital document.

If you are buying the car from the direct owner, you can ask for a vehicle history report. The vehicle history report contains answers to most of the questions asked above. But if on the other hand, you are buying from a dealer, it is important to ask these vital questions.