What To Talk About on a Second Date: 7 Conversation Starter

Going on a second date means that you nailed the first date. A second date is another opportunity to get to know your date better and if possible, take things to another level. Thankfully, the second date is not always as awkward as the first date. You’ve spent time knowing at least the very basic things about your date. You build up the conversation of the second date on the information you’ve gotten earlier on the first date. That doesn’t mean that the second date may not be awkward. If you fail to maintain the conversation, it will be an obvious boring date for both of you. This post provides details of some of the things you can talk about on a second date to keep the conversation going.

What to Talk About on a Second Date

1. Updates from Previous Conversations:

One safe ground to build your conversation on a second date is to talk about updates of conversations you had on your first date. There were several things you discussed; you can bring them up as a conversation or a question. For instance, your date may have told you that she wants to go on a short trip with her friend during the week. Ask about the trip. On the other hand, if he told you about an upcoming game, you can also ask about the game. Always make the question an open question. This will enable your date to go into details. For instance, instead of asking ‘did you trip go well?’ which will require a yes and no answer, ask ‘how was your trip go?’

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2. Updates from Work:

One thing both of you share in common is that both of you work. Even if you are in a different field from your date, you can still talk about work on your second date. Take out time to learn more about your date’s career field if he or she is in a different field. This will give both of you many things to talk about. It also shows that you are genuinely interested in your date. 

3. Talk about your Day:

It’s most probably that you’re going for the date in the evening after the day’s work. You can talk about events that happened in the day. Personally, I prefer to start my conversation with my date on my events for the day. We build up of other conversations from discussing events and happenings of the day. From events at work to personal events, too funny comments made by a work colleague, to the high lights of the day. All these are topics to make the second date conversation lively and less boring.

4. Throw in Flirty Questions:

You’ve gone past the first date and its characterized awkwardness, so you can become a little bit flirty on the second date. Ask your date some flirty questions to know how he or she feels about you sexually. Don’t go all the way like a sex-starved person because it can repulse your date. The question can be as simple as ‘What physical features get you attracted to the opposite sex? on some flirty questions to ask on a date.

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5. Share Funny Moments:

Also, you can talk about some of the very funny moments in your life. The will help lighten up the mood and make both of you more comfortable with each other. Talk about the funny and not so awkward things you’ve done with your friends. Talk about the most embarrassing moments of your life. Talk about the very happy moments you’ve experienced so far.

6. Talk about Immediate Goals:

Second date conversation is not just about the fun stuff. You can talk about serious topics like your immediate goals. It can be some of your personal goals, relationship goals, and career goals and where you expect to see yourself in the next couple of years. If the date turns out to become a serious relationship, both of you can motivate each other and become accountability partners for each other’s goals. 

7. Try to Make it Official:

You can take the bull by the proverbial horn and ask your date to become your girlfriend or boyfriend. Don’t assume that they know what your intentions are, because your assumptions can turn out to be wrong in the long run. There have been instances where one of the parties in a relationship went with the flow and assumed that they were in a relationship. It turned out that the other party didn’t feel that way. Also, mention that both of you will things slow and work out things as you get along. If your partner doesn’t feel the same way that will be the perfect time to call it a quit and move on. That does not mean that both of you can’t remain friends.