What To Do When A Guy Ignores Your Text

When A Guy Ignores Your Text

How do you react when a man ignores your text? Texting has become an important part of many relationships because it is very convenient and cheap. A lot of couples are so used to texting now and this has given rise to a certain level of expectation. A situation whereby a guy ignores your text can cause panic and make you overthink, eventually leading to unnecessary complications of the situation that could have been avoided altogether if only you had been more patient. The following are the things you should do when a guy ignores your text.

Why Is He Ignoring Me All Of a Sudden

There are many be a thousand and one reasons why he is ignoring you. But some of the obvious reasons why a guy can ignore you are:

He is Angry

If he guy is angry at you, the least thing he will want to do is talk to you or even return your text.

He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Another reason why a guy will ignore your text is if he doesn’t love you anymore. He won’t see the need in replying your text. Someone that loves you won’t ignore you. On the contrary, the person  will be eager to send a reply.

He Has Found Someone Else

Finally, if he has found someone else, he will obviously be too busy getting to know the person to return your text.

what to do when a guy ignores your text
what to do when a guy ignores your text

How to Get Him Text You Back

Relax And Assess The Situation

It is usually not the right thing to panic or assume the worst when a guy ignores your text. There could be valid reasons which have absolutely nothing to do with you, that explains why he hasn’t replied your text. Work emergency, phone off due to low battery, and so on, are some possible reasons why he hasn’t replied your text. Take a deep breath and think instead of panicking and assuming the worst.

Try Other Forms Of Communicating

You should try other means of communicating to reach out to him and see if he will respond. It could be that he’s busy at work, got distracted, and totally forgot to text you back. Instead of you panicking and assuming the worst, a phone call may solve the situation. If you call him and he does pick up, then you know he’s not ignoring your text deliberately. If he doesn’t pick up, you should not automatically conclude he’s deliberately ignoring your text either. Still, you have to be patient and calm.

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Give Him A Break

If after trying to reach out via other means and he still doesn’t respond, you should give him a break. You should not bombard his phone with several text messages or phone calls. Don’t send him another text asking if he got your text message, neither should you threaten him or be rude in a bid to get him to reply back. You have to maintain your cool no matter how hard it may be.

Value Yourself

When a guy ignores your text, you may feel like you are losing and try to get back at him as if he is the prize, and you are the winner who is about to lose it all. This is far from the truth. Take a moment to reflect and you will realize that even if a guy is losing interest in you, he is losing too. You are also valuable and you bring quite a lot to the table which he may not get elsewhere.

A deep reflection about all the value you add to his life, the energy, the passion, the excitement you provide, will make you realize the picture is more balanced and you will feel a lot better. It is not entirely possible that you won’t be disappointed if he leaves but the realization that he is losing too will make you less gloomy. There are lots of men out there who will be keen to have what you offer if he gives up on you.

Give Him Space

Re-read the text you sent to him and maybe show a friend too. Does the text warrant a response? If your answer is affirmative, then make no further attempts to reach out to him again until at least 48 hours have passed. You could even take longer before trying again. If there aren’t more serious underlying issues responsible for him ignoring your text, he should contact you within this 48 hour period if he is still interested in you.

Also, his attraction for you must have grown as you have shown you have the self-esteem to wait for him to get back to you. If his interest waned a little, this little window gives him space to grow it again. If on re-examining your text you realize that it did not clearly warrant a response, you can reach out to him again after 24 hours.

Make Yourself Happy

You owe it to yourself to make yourself happy no matter what challenge you are facing. You are the architect of your own happiness. If a guy ignores your text and you are waiting it out by giving him space for a few days before reaching out to him again, take your mind off him and engage in activities that make you happy. Spend that period doing things that make you happy like hanging out with friends and family, engaging in your favorite outdoor activity and so on.

Don’t go about wearing a sad look and holing up in your apartment. Just focus all your attention back to yourself and you wouldn’t even realize 48 hours have gone by.

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Reach Out To Him Again

If he still doesn’t reply to your text or called after a minimum of 48 hours, then it is time to reach out to him again. You can do this via other means of communicating other than text. Place a call across to his line and see if he picks up. If he does, then go ahead to engage him in an open conversation but don’t be accusatory as this may worsen things. Point out that he left your text un-replied for days and see if he has a valid reason for doing that.

If he doesn’t, that’s a red flag right there. Alternatively, you can send him another text. This text must be crafted such that it clearly requires that he gets back to you. If he is still interested in you, he must surely reply to your new text. If he doesn’t reply after a few hours, call him and see if he picks up.

Visit Him

If your new text is un-replied after another 24 hours, then it is time to start making plans to go and see him. Allow at least 24 hours to have passed between you texting him again and going to his house. Pick a time that you know he is most likely to be at home to visit. This visit should clear things up between the two of you. If you meet his absence, you can drop a note informing him of your visit. You can also reach out to his friends to see if any of them have heard from him in the last couple of days.

He Read My Message But Didn’t Reply

In a situation where you sent him a text message and you are sure he received it and still didn’t reply what happens? There could be a number of things that made him not to reply. It could be that he is busy at the moment. It could also be that he is still angry at you for whatever you did early. Whichever one it is, it is best to give him a little space before you reach out to him again.

How Long Should I Wait To Text Him Again

It is best to give him enough time before you text him again. As mentioned earlier, his reason why he hasn’t replied your text messages could be because he is busy. Give him at least 24 hours before you text him again.

He Ignored My Text Should I Ignore His

Two wrongs don’t make a right. He ignored your text doesn’t mean you should ignore his. You can be the bigger person by reaching out to him to know why he has been ignoring your text.


A guy you like ignoring your text should ordinarily not alarm you and send you into panic mode. A more measured approach to help you handle this type of situation has been provided in this article.