When Is The Right Time To Ask A Girl Out

When Is The Right Time To Ask A Girl Out

One thing every guy that is active in the dating scene has to figure out is when is the right time to ask a girl out. Let’s assume that you met this girl, and you guys seem to have bonded over the weeks and you are trying to figure out the time to make your move.

That right time to ask a girl out depends on signs like, how well the both of you bond, how often she wants to be with you and other body languages. But in all honesty, there is no set time known as the right time to ask a girl out. You have to create that right time to ask a girl out. After you’ve figured out the right time to ask her out, you need a good pickup line and the right way to ask her out. The rest of this content provides answers to these.

when is the right time to ask a girl out
when is the right time to ask a girl out

Lines to Ask A Girl Out

You have to be good at your pickup lines for you to get any girl to agree to go out with you. You may be likable and all that, but your pickup line may throw a girl off from accepting to go out with you. These are some lines to ask a girl out and make her agree.

  1. ‘New Movie title’ will be showing in ‘Name of Cinema’ on ‘date’ will you like to go see the movie with me?
  2. I just discovered this cool coffee place in town, will you love to go check it out with me tomorrow?
  3. I will love to spend time with you away from all the noise ‘time’ and ‘date’ will that be okay with you?
  4. I noticed we’ve bonded well these few weeks, can I interest you to take you out on a date ‘time’ ‘date’.
  5. I think spending my weekend with you will be a better way to spend the weekend. Will you go out on a date with me?

Cute Ways To Ask A Girl Out In Person

The bar for asking a girl out has been set really high these days as guys now get very creative to woo the girl they desire. Some have mastered the art and can come up with really Cute Ways To Ask A Girl Out In Person without breaking a sweat. Some others are yet to cut their teeth in this game which is why this article has been specially packaged to help guys with ideas on cute ways of asking a girl out in person.

Simply Ask Her

If you don’t think you are creative or romantic enough to come up with something unique, simply ask her! Not much can go wrong honestly. You being plain honest with her instead of blabbing some old lame lines you read over the internet or learnt from a friend can be cute enough for her. We sometimes overthink things. When you have some private moment with her, simply relax, look her straight in the eye, tell her how you feel and what you want.

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Ask Her Out With Flowers

Flowers and romance go together a lot. You can win your dream girl over with something as simple as a bunch of flowers. Put in the extra work by going to a florist to handpick her favorite flowers. When it’s all set, head to her house armed with the bunch of flowers. Knock on her door, hand her the flowers as a token of your love and ask her to be your girlfriend.

Compliment Her, Then Ask

A really cute way to ask a girl out in person is to do it when she does something amazing. When a girl you’ve been eyeing secretly does something amazing, walk up to her and compliment her. You can take advantage of the moment to pour out your heart to her. Tell her how you feel about her and that you want her to be your woman. Say some really nice things about her. This sets the mood and blows her mind. Cute isn’t it?

Take Her On A Well-planned Date

Take the time to plan a really special date for you and her. A date that is different from your usual dates. You don’t have to break the bank to do this or take her to a fancy restaurant or buy her a really expensive gift. What you need to do is show her that you have really put a lot of thought into planning the date and you want to make it special for her such that she’s going to remember it for a very long time.

Think of something she enjoys doing a lot and plan your date around it. If she likes movies, get tickets to the premiere of that movie she has been looking forward to seeing for so long. Think of other things you can do to make the outing really exciting for her. You can have the authorities display a message during the interval with your question asking her to be your girlfriend. It will be hard for her to turn you down with so many people around and her name on a big screen. This is definitely a cute way of asking a girl out.

Ask On A Special Occasion

Asking a girl out on a special occasion can really make the day even more special for her. If her birthday is approaching, you can make the day more memorable for her by asking her to be your girlfriend on her birthday. This is really cute and she’s almost certain to agree to your request unless she just doesn’t fancy you. If she does, she is almost certain to accept your request without thinking twice.

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Write Her Poem

For a really romantic girl, writing her a poem is almost certain to win her over to your side. Spice it up a bit by delivering the poem to her line by line at intervals throughout the day. You can also read it to her. The fact that you poured out your raw emotions into the poem makes it all cute.

Sing Her A Song

If you have a sweet voice, make it work for you in your quest to woo your dream girl. Compose an original song and sing for her. Not much can go wrong when you sing a song for your crush. The connection between music and romance has been deep since time immemorial. Very few other options trump serenading a girl to ask her out.

When you sing her a song inspired by her and the journey you have shared together, it is quite intimidating and works almost every time. Girls always appreciate guys that put in such extra effort and fall for them. Make it an unforgettable experience by going over to her house, make her cozy in a blanket, pick up your guitar and sing her the song you composed specially for her.

Ask Her Out With Balloons

There are several creative ways you can make use of balloons in asking out the girl you want. Of course, it will be silly to fill an entire room with balloons, trap the girl you like in there and ask her to pop away to reveal your question. A more reasonable way is to pack a couple of balloons, like a dozen, write your question in one, fill the rest with little gifts such as makeup products, lingerie, etc. Then have her pop away till she reveals your question.

ask a girl out
ask a girl out

Organize A Treasure Hunt

You can set up a treasure hunt that ends up leading her to you. Have her run around solving riddles with your clues. This will certainly excite her. The last clue should lead to you, asking her out face to face. This act will be etched in her memory for long.

Set Up A Game

Another really cute way of asking a girl out is to set up a board or card game for you both to play. Rig the game so that she ends up picking a card that has you asking her out. This move requires a lot of thinking and planning to pull off but it will surely be worth it in the end.


After reading this article, knowing when is the right time to ask a girl out and asking a girl out in creative and cute ways should no longer be difficult for you. Take things cool, be calm and above all, be a man!